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BLAC @ Hurdle Creek

The North East of Victoria has always been special to me. As soon as I see the mountain range on my right as I drive up the Hume, I squeal with excitement and then continue driving with a ridiculously enormous smile on my face, knowing I am in my happy place. It is one of Victoria's most beautiful playgrounds. Rich with seasonal change, natural wonders, rivers, mountains and spectacular vineyards.

I have been looking for the right property for around 2 years now, and finally, my Hurdle Creek patch presented itself. With not a man-made element in sight, bordered by the burbling Hurdle Creek and surrounded by mountain ranges, it is simply perfect. And the closest pub is only 22 minutes away...

A place to sit, work, design, create, work some more, and relish the sounds of nature.

I have been busy designing EVERYTHING from the front entrance, the storage sheds, and a place to call the studio. Everything has to be simplistic so that it does not detract from the surroundings. So that there is more to do outside than inside.

The soil is rich, the rainfall is high. And the right plants will thrive...

I have just purchased my first 187 plants which will go in the ground in the coming weeks. And about to invest in my first compact tractor that will assist with my daily chores.

To me, this is happiness. And so excited to be entering another new chapter in my life.

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