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PUBLISHED WORK | Dream Gardens

Michael McCoy has launched his first book! A collection of his favourite gardens from the Dream Gardens series on the ABC featuring twelve gardens and a Q&A from eleven designers.

It is a beautifully presented, thoughtful and insightful read from a very talented horticulturalist, designer and wordsmith.



Firstly, our North Balwyn garden which is a nod to the era with the signature 'unshamedly modern' style of Sibbel Builders, the original architect and builder of the home. Renown for their high quality workmanship, fine joinery and cabinetry, the house was restored by the new owner and my client, daughter of Meyer Sibbel, Fleur Sibbel.

"The minimalism of much modern design is a language that, in the interest of unity, should carry into the garden."

"Repeated use of the horizontal had the most remarkable effect of apparently widening what has previous appeared to be quite a long, narrow space. "

"Peta reintroduced something of an urban orchard... with several espaliered pear trees... that were so heavily in fruit... they looked as if they were hung with green jewels."



Our second project to feature is Warrandyte South which has been captured beautifully by photographer Simon Griffths.

When meeting on site for the first time with Bec and Marty, I asked Bec if she would walk me through her newly completed home. I do this for many reasons. To understand and appreciate the detail of their home, uncover the how and why it came to be, to gain an insight into each family member that lives there, to understand how they live and utilise the home, and to see with my own eyes what is seen from inside out. I soon realised both Bec and Marty are perfectionists with a ridiculously busy schedule and hugely family focussed lifestyle. And so my design response began, creating an environment that they could relish for years to come.

"Good design is always a response to the site and not an imposition of a pre-existing idea or preference."

"This kind of planting is a team sport and all selections are made on what they contribute to the overall effect."

To read the full story, you can buy your copy from all good book stores, or online HERE.

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