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Studio BLAC. is a small award-winning design firm with studios based in Mount Martha on the Mornington Peninsula and in the Victorian High Country. BLAC works collaboratively with clients, architects, interior designers and builders on special projects.Creative Director, Peta Donaldson describes her design style as fundamentally strong in form, texture, and scale, with a focus on the balance between dominant architectural lines, meticulous planting, and elegant styling. Peta leans toward masculine hardscaping elements paired with contrasting yet complementary planting, which she believes can achieve a stunning result.



Peta designs gardens bursting with texture, complementary contrasts and layers of inspiring green. She favours a combination of deciduous canopies and climbers with a textural tapestry-like carpet of evergreen ground planting.
Peta has a rich background over a wide variety of work. She has spent the last 12 years immersing herself in her love of horticulture and garden design; with a deeper history of marketing, brand development, and account management. The perfect culmination of skills to direct her design studio, BLAC.



"There is beauty in simplicity" 

Minimalism is fundamental to the design philosophy at BLAC. Peta explains, “We focus on the considered use of space, form, detail of material, scale and human interaction. We aspire to create gardens that are aesthetically beautiful yet highly functional and take into consideration the interior and exterior palette of the home incorporating it seamlessly into a timeless landscape. The ultimate consideration is designing an exterior space with purpose that will encourage a life outside.”

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